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Welcome to our Wikipage. :-)

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"Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one."- Bill Gates


Ok, This is our brand, spanking new Wikipage. We got stuck with the team name of Bill Gates so we just went with it. We wanted to be original to other groups so we embedded a sexy picture of our idol and a funny video also. Hope you enjoy it and please give our profiles a wee read through. Remember! We prefer Mac OS!


Bill Gates - A Biography


The Early Days


Bill Gates, born William Henry Gates, October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington.  Born into an already wealthy family, his father, William H. Gates, Sr. a lawyer in Seattle, and mother, Mary Maxwell Gates, sat on the board of directors for First Interstate BancSystem and United Way.  Bill has one older sister, Kristianne, and one younger sister, Libby.


As a teenager Bill went to LakesideSchool, which was an exclusive preparatory school.  Bill's parents had it in mind for Bill that he was to be a Lawyer like his father.  However, Bill had other ideas in mind.  It was during his years at Lakeside school that Bill discovered his interest in software and began programming computers at age 13.


Bill graduated from LakesideSchool in 1973, and later in that same year enrolled at HarvardUniversity in Boston, MA. Which was on the other side of the country from home for Bill.  It was at Harvard that Bill met, Now Microsoft’s chief executive officer, Steve Ballmer.  Bill dropped out of Harvard in his junior year, 1975 to pursue and devote his attention to Microsoft, the company that had been created in 1975 with his childhood friend Paul Allen. Captured by the belief that on day, there would be a computer on every desk.


Gates is chairman of Microsoft Corporation, the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. Microsoft had revenues of US$51.12 billion for the fiscal year ending June 2007, and employs more than 78,000 people in 105 countries and regions.


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 The IBM Era


After the inital launch of the Altair 8800 Bill Gates then got in contact with MITS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetery systems) with the purpose of demonstrating the newly developed BASIC programming language. MITS then agreed to the proposition made by Bill Gates and Altair BASIC was distrubuted under contract. This was to be the first BASIC programming language of many to be released by Microsoft and was used both on the Altair 8800 and S-100 Basic systems.


Microsoft then became independent of MITS in 1976 and continued to develop programming languages for other hardware vendors on the market. During this early period of Microsoft Bill Gates hard a large hand in the overview of company itself but was determined to continue to write and review code for all software shipped.


IBM then approached Microsoft and asked for an operating system for their upcoming IBM-PC. Bill Gates initally suggested that IBM first speak to Digital Research and recommended an operating system known as CP/M. Negotions were poor to say the least and eventually broke down with no agreement met. IBM then approached Bill Gates again who then suggested 86-DOS (QDOS) owned by SCP. Microsoft then went on to become the exclusive licensing agent and, eventually, the full owner of 86-DOS.


After adapting 86-DOS for the PC Bill Gates then demonstrated the operating system as PC-DOS to IBM and asked for a one time fee of $80,000. In perhaps his boldest and most important move Bill Gates asked IBM if Microsoft would be able to keep the copyright of PC-DOS as he believed that other hardware vendors would eventually make hardware very similar to that of the IBM-PC.


IBM allowed Microsoft to keep the copyright of PC-DOS and because of this Microsoft became a serious force within the software/operating system market.


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Microsoft Windows


In 1986, Microsoft again revolutionized the computer industry and launched its first version of Windows. Microsoft called Windows an operating environment, which meant that it was designed mainly to run other programs. The difference between this system and the original basic language was that Windows included a Graphical user interface or "GUI", (pronounced as gooey). This interface gave a symbolic representation of a desktop to every computer screen across the country complete with "Icons" that represented the names of different files and programs in the system. Opening these files and programs was like opening different windows, hence the name.


The first seven years after the announcement of windows, however, it didn't go as smooth as Bill gates wanted it to. Over those seven years, the windows story had been one of bad reviews, harsh criticism, empty hype and very few sales. And if these problems were not enough for Bill and Microsoft, in the same period, Apple computer, which was headed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, had sued Microsoft accusing the company of stealing their Macintosh ideas for the Windows application.


Despite all of these setbacks, Windows finally caught on and spread like wildfire throughout the world. Since its introduction, Microsoft has introduced numerous updated versions of the original windows application software, (windows 95, 98, XP.... etc) the most recent being Windows Vista. 


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Gates as a writer


In 1999, Gates published his second book, "Business @ the Speed of Thought" which was written to prove that modern business problems can be solved with the assistance of computer technology in new ways. The book itself was published in 25 languages and is now available in over 60 countries. Gates' first book, "The Road Ahead" was published in 1995 and was in the top of the New York Times bestsellers list for 7 weeks. The book described the change of the world with the personalised computer revolution and the introduction of a global interactive network.


Then once the Internet gained the critical mass needed for dominance, Gates directed Microsoft to becoming an Internet based company. He and the coauther of "The Road Ahead" rewrote their book, adding 20,000 words didicated to the Internet.


Under the more than capable leadership of Gates, Microsoft have continued to advance and improve software, making it more cost effective, easier to use and more enjoyable. This is obvious from the amount of money they put into research and development, with $7.1 billion having been spent in 2007 alone.


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The final years at Microsoft


Bill Gates also had another interest as well as computer programming. He founded the worlds largest resources of developing information called Corbis, it is digital archive of art and photography found from collections both public and private from around the world. Bill gates is also on the Board of directors of Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated. This corporation invests in companies which have taken part in diverese business activities.


For 13 years running Bill Gates was the richest man in the world, that title now belongs to Warren Buffet. Bill Gates has created the largest charitable foundation in the world which is known as "The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation", it has a total of around $28 billion and every year recieve about $1 million. In the year 2000 this foundation was created after he founded the "Gates Learning Foundation" and the "William H. Gates Foundation". Bill Gates and these charities do massive amounts of work and especially work towards "bringing innovations in health and learning to the global community".


Microsoft announced on the 15th June 2006 that by July 2008 Bill Gates would be leaving his every day role in the company because he wants to spend more of his time in his work through his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It was agreed that after July 2009 Gates would remain as Microsoft's chairman and would still be an advisor on the main issues and decisions that developed within Microsoft.


Bill Gates married Melinda French Gates on 1st January 1994 and they had three children, Jenifer Katarine, Rory John and Phoebe Adele. Gates also enjoys reading, playing Golf and Bridge.


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Interesting Facts



1. Bill Gates earns $250 every SECOND, that's about $20 million a DAY

and $7.8 billion a YEAR!


2. If he drops a thousand dollars, he won't even bother to pick it up

because in the 4 seconds it takes to pick it up, he would have already

earned it back.


3. US's national debt is about $5.62 trillion. If Bill Gates wants to

pay the debt by himself; he will finish it in less then 10 years.


4. He can donate $15 to everyone on earth and still be left with $5

million for his pocket money.


5. Michael Jordan is the highest paid athlete in the US. If he

doesn't drink and eat, and keep his annual income at $30 million,

he'll have to wait for 277 years to become as rich as Bill Gates is



6. If Bill Gates were a country, he will be the 37th richest country on



7. If you change all of Bill Gate's money to $1 bills, you can make a

road from earth to moon 14 times back and forth. But you will have to

make that road non-stop for 1400 years and use a total of 713 BOEING

747 planes to transport all the money.

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 “Gates' foresight and his vision for personal computing have been central to the success of Microsoft and the software industry.”  [http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/exec/billg/bio.mspx]







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